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What’s special about your place? No matter where you live, you likely have a good sense of the things that enrich your life, make your surroundings worth exploring, and help your community feel like home. But it can be:

  • Difficult to identify what these things are really worth to your community and talk about their value.

  • Hard to leverage them to make an economic difference, create a new future or enhance the quality of life you enjoy.

  • Challenging to tell your own stories so others notice and want to join in.

  • Next to impossible to come together when there’s not a crisis.

Put Harbinger’s experience to work for you. For 30 years, we have worked as guides, partners and knowledge builders. Harbinger helps communities, regions and supporting organizations harness, protect and expand the power of their places. For good.


Your place has a story.

Understand it. Amplify it. Leverage it. Change it.



Understand your place

Harbinger’s collaborative approach yields results your community trusts and supports using regional economic analysis, impact projections, visitor and resident surveys, outdoor recreation assessments, and peer area reviews.


tell your story

You know your story. Harbinger helps refine it and tell it through clear and compelling economic reports, advocacy support, “grassroots” destination branding and marketing, and travel and recreation websites.



Harbinger works from the roots up to support lasting change through dialogue and community engagement, place-based education, collaborative decision making and action, and community economic development.


Keep your place real

You want your community to be a great place to live and visit. Harbinger’s approach blends economic assessments, the stakeholder engagement “Geotourism” approach, and targeted support for local businesses and organizations.